Arthritic Older Horse?

Dear Dr. Dan:  I am taking care of my neighbor’s horse, Bart, this summer.  He is in his 20’s and is about 17 hands.  He suffers from arthritis and right now is in pain.  My neighbor does not give him anything to respond to his condition and I would like to get your recommendations as to how to make Bart more comfortable.  He is obviously having trouble moving at all right now.  I have been given permission to call the Vet for now but I am hoping that she may consider your recommendations and we can help Bart to be a happier horse.  Thank you. Vicki J.

Though I can’t say that we have anything specifically for arthritis, I would suggest you consider our Joint Check which really provides support in many ways to those joints. I am sure you will be pleased. It is what I give my older horse and quite honestly there is not any other product I have seen that has such ingredients for this support. Just follow label instructions. Product info is in the magazine below as well.