From Greg W. about a 3 month old foal…

Dr. Dan I have a customer that has a 3 month old Rocky Mountain Foal who was born with all his legs very straight and is at the present time spending a lot of his time laying in the pasture.

He does get up and move around and is nursing and eating fine, but when he now walks he is up on his toes on all four feet and seems to be showing that his tendons are very tight and not allowing his feet to straighten out so that he can walk normally what should I be giving this person to give to this little guy that may help him, I realize that this may be irreparable but he is such a well bred little colt that I want to try anything possible, any insight would be greatly appreciated

Thank you so much.

I would for sure get the baby and mom on RED CAL, Just Add Oats and
also Joint Check. JC has some great natural anti-inflammatory benefits
and make just make a difference. please keep me informed. (pictures

maybe) these are very tough indeed. I hope the best for them through this.

Dr. Dan thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly I am taking some of my Red Cal to them now and will be placing order for the joint check, if the results are the same with this little guy as they have been with our own horses I believe that we will see a difference with this one also.
It is great to be associated with a company that is interested in the well being of our friends (our horses) and in ourselves.  I will get some pictures of this colt now and will update pictures as to his condition as he is given the minerals for your benefit  Thanks again  Greg W.