Jack Russell… aural hematoma?

Hi Dr. Dan

Our 10 year old Jack Russell has developed an aural hematoma on her ear. The vet…whom I am not really very trusting of but have no other better option here where we live, said that I MUST have it surgically taken care of as soon as possible.

Another vet said several years ago that I MUST surgically remove the “tumor” on her leg, but after applying Grape Balm and giving her Joint Check for two weeks (at your suggestion) the thing dried up and fell off!

Hence my hesitance to fork over hundreds of dollars for surgery!!

Will this hematoma re-absorb on it’s own? Is there something else we should do? My husband is keeping the ear canal clean and we have put some grape balm in her ear as well. (I am assuming there is some infection in her ear.) Is surgery the only option?

We believe that this began as a result of her allergies. She has some sort of skin allergy and we have not been able to alleviate and the poor thing just scratches and knaws herself crazy. She has a slight heart murmur so they cannot give her a steroid shot (which is the only thing that would help her in the past). With all the scratching we think she burst the blood vessel in her ear that way.

Any imput you can give would be MOST appreciated!!!

Thank you so much~ Shelley S. in St. Augustine Florida

They will absorb BUT this will also shrivel the ear in every case I have seen.

You can put our Marigold in the ear to help with the internal problem. As for the allergy support.

I would suggest our Aller Check for pets, our omega coat check oil supplement  and our bug Check. I would also suggest Innova brand food (the best I have found anyway).

Usually fleas are related in allergies that have required steroids. Bug check supplement will help as will shoo flea powder but even they are not 100 percent.

Thanks for sharing and for asking!