Head Shaking?

I was wondering if you had any ideas why my horse shakes her head while I ride her. I did hear there is a headshaking syndrome.

Before I went there I would have her teeth checked. Head shaking occurs in the stall and even when just standing still anywhere and it is excessive. Since you mention this shaking occurs when riding the teeth are the most likely.

Thanks for responding so quickly, I just bought this horse about a month ago. She is 9. Is that too young for teeth problems? I am working with a trainer with her, she seems to think it is the mares excuse not to work, I don’t see that, I believe it is something genuinely bothering her.

Any age horse can have teeth problems as horses teeth are continually in a growth phase.
They should actually be checked twice a year at a minimum regardless of age. Abit in the mouth causes “strange” things sometimes too. The equine dentist can take a good look in the mouth regardless.

I still suspect teeth and or some issue in the mouth. shaking when riding is not uncommon regardless. with regards to training if the teeth ARE good, blinders may often help while training… also softening of the neck before riding… turning tight to the knees accomplishes this.