Worming Foals…

I have two large foals that are about 7 and 7 1/2 weeks old.

I have purchased your natural wormer for the mares and have been using it for years.  How should I worm the foals? Is the natural wormer ok for them does it include tape worms and how much would I give them.  I can measure them for their weight of course. Or should I be using something else or a combination of something else.

How often should I be worming them?

Thank you,


fecals fecal fecals… regardless of what you use. (monthly for foals) 1/2 tube for the foals. any amount is only healthy regardless.

Please do go to www.wormcheck.com and read the article I did for wellness magazine called “Oh Crap.

Find it at http://wormcheck.com/?p=3

It should answer even more questions that may arise.