Testimonial Tuesday!!!

I called Dr. Dan several years ago and got started on a program for a Lusitano stallion with stomach ulcers.

This stallion has particularly severe stall vices and separation anxiety. I have owned stallions for nearly 20 years and have never seen (nor heard of) such illogical behavior.  I am a Biochemist, a Microbiologist, and an Analytical Chemist. My present job is Business Manager for my husband, a very well-rounded veterinarian that will treat the smallest exotic, the largest ruminants, and everything in between! I have passionately owned and cared for equines for nearly 40 years.

Together we have a lot of animal experience! Well, we diagnosed stomach ulcers in Doc's stallion when we found that he gained weight and actually ate (!) after administering Merial's Ulcer Guard. After 2 years on this program I searched for substitutes for this treatment. Paying an extra car note for this animal's treatment was becoming a serious economic burden when we decided to purchase our very own animal clinic here in Akron, Indiana!

Nothing else worked!

Then I found Dr. Dan. I spoke with him on a 15 minute phone call and he suggested we try Red Cal, Just Add Oats, Gut Check, Health Check, and Aller Check.
Dr. Dan was hopeful (as was I) but not convinced this would work as this stallion's behavior seemed to be the primary problem. I suspect that stallion behavioral issues have been a common difficulty to "cure" since the domestication of the horse. Furthermore, I am convinced that no supplement will change behavior however, I am a believer that all creatures (animals and people) have a valid reason for their behavior and many times it is triggered by bodily events/mis-events.

I got started when I received my supplements! With Dr. Dan's thoughts and suggestions we took this stallion off all carbs (corn & molasses) and common salt blocks and began a new diet with straight oats + these new supplements + hay with no more than 50% alfalfa. It worked and it worked fast!!!!

The first two weeks he urinated about double (wow!) his normal volume and his entire demeanor changed from day-to-day for the better – EVERY DAY. I was SO encouraged. After that two weeks he finally started to put on weight and after 2 months I no longer saw bones sticking out and planar muscling.
This horse looked good enough to put in the halter ring (yippee!) and acted like the happiest guy on earth. His previous attitude was pinned ears and a pained look. He still has stall vices and separation anxiety but it is very mild and most people don't even notice he has a behavior problem at all!

Before, people commented that we needed to "feed that horse" and give him some mares to live with and work all that frustration out. Well, we were feeding him and breeding him on a regular basis. He wouldn't eat and breeding took a lot out of him. He completely withdrew from all stall vices for 24 hours post-breeding. He also planted his sleepy self in the back corner of his stall and just pretty much tuned everything out!

Now he has that bright, happy look of a well fed and contented stallion!!!

We couldn't have done this without Dr. Dan and his supplements! We still feed the Red Cal, straight oats, and hay with no more than 50% alfalfa and this works nicely.

Thanks for giving me a forum to share what I learned and experienced with this horse and these magnificent supplements!

Yours, T-Bone


Wow, where do I start!

Thanks so much for natural horse products! I have believed in natural for humans so was delighted to find your site for horses.

My horses I purchased this pas summer were wormy and a bit underweight. I purchased your Just Add Oats, Oil, Bug Check and Worm check, in 8-10 weeks it was like I had new horses. Beautiful shiney coats, filled in bodies. It took a second worming to clean out the worms, but they are doing great now and one just had a beautiful healthy foal.

Thanks for such great products.

Margie D.

I started using your products when my horse foundered and I was looking for a product to support his healing process.

I have been using Just Add Oats, Gut Check, Weight Check Oil, Hoof Check and Red Cell and my horse has transformed and is glowing with health. His coat has a new shine and depth with beautiful dapples, his eyes are brighter and the shoer and vet are amazed at how quickly his feet have grown and improved.

I board him with Thoroughbreds who generally are known for having lustrous coats, but he outshines them all. He also seems happier and more mellow since he's been on your products and from his romps in the pasture, he exhibits that he feels better.

Thanks for making great products!

Karen S.

I have a 15 year old Quarter horse who I switched to the Dr. Dan program one year ago.

Within two weeks after starting the whole oats, Red Cal, Omega oil, Just Add Oats and Bug Check I could not believe the change in my horse.

His whole body changed. He looks wonderful and from what I can tell he feels wonderful too. Everyone that see him asks if I got a new horse. He was not on a bad program but doing away with the feed full of sugar has made a huge difference.

I am very pleased with the results and tell anyone willing to listen about your program and how to get to your website.

Thanks for everything.

Diane & my horse Koty

We have been using Bug Check for three years now.

We deal with deer flies and mosquitoes. They will still land on the animals but when you smash the bugs only about 70% of the bugs have blood, so you would assume that they are not biting. The first year I tried it on some of our animals but not others. Judging by the difference in the blood when you smashed the bugs I determined it was working.

This will be the first year we fed it year round.

We have noticed the animals looked healthier and shed out looking nicer than before. We get horse flies late in the summer, but when they come they are so nasty and so many that I have never been able to tell if the bug check works on horse flies, but I don't think any thing does. I'm sure we will continue to use bug check.

Doug. M.


My friend and I met you in Ohio at the Equine Affaire, where we purchased some of your products.

We are hooked!!!!!!!

I have had my dog on bug check for about a month, and yesterday was the eye opener.

My friend and I were at her barn and we both have coonhounds. The deer flies were driving her poor hound mad. My hound on the other hand didn't have one around him. It was amazing, her dog finally retreated to her van and wouldn't come out. My dog was able to stay out and roam the farm, through the paddocks and even in the bush.

Amazing product! Love it!!!

I just started the horses this week on Bug Check, and look forward to the same results. Like I said we are hooked and we enjoy the compliments we are receiving on our horses. My dog and the horses find your products highly palatable. Makes feed time so easy.

I am finally on a maintenance dose of Red Cal, and look forward to incorporating the Just add oats and H2oil.

Thanks for such great products,

Shelley, Buddy Flash and definitely Charlie the hound. 🙂

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