Ann's old english mastiff…

I have acquired a Mastiff, with a mass (not hard,just swelled out) on her elbow that seems to reduce in size but comes back. This doesn’t seem to bother her, but on occasion limps.Molly is 1 year old. The vet has put her on predizone which I don’t think that has helped.  Do you have anything that reduce this inflamation which is not warm to touch?   Also do suggest anything that would keep her joints healthy since Mastiff have a tendency for hip problems?

Thank you,
Ann B.

Personally, like you it sounds, I totally dislike steroids (pred she is on).

I would consider our Joint Check for pets and our Omega Coat check for pets.

Thanks for asking.

Oh by the way, as for potential causes, There are just way to many to speculate.