Hooves and Laminitis question…

My farrier has told me that my horse has swelling in his front hooves, laminitis.

He is not sore in his hooves when shod. He is not overweight either.  I don’t think he is trying to founder. He is turned out 24-7 with a walk in barn for shelter.  He gets a 1/4 of a scoop of Purina Strategy daily and pasture.

He is a large/tall horse, 16 hands.  I want to get his hooves in good condition.  They are okay but have never been great.  He is 14 years old.

I used to barrel race him but now I only trail ride.

What do I need to do to get his hooves healthy? Should I have blood work drawn?  He is immunized yearly and I take very good care of him.  I don’t know if the swelling is from stomping at flies.  I just want him to have healthy hooves.

My farrier is not sure what else I need to do for him to help his hooves get better.  Can you please help me?  I love my horse and want him to have a long, healthy, happy life.  I use your grape balm and I love it.

Thanks for your time.
Shawn T.

There are many things that could be done.

If he were mine, I  would consider a more natural diet… see the website: http://www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com and especially listen to the audio there. I would highly suggest this feed change to start.   It is really impossible for me to diagnose what is going on with the feet. your veterinarian may be able to but doubt if blood work will help. doesn’t really sound like founder/laminitis though.   Please read the article on laminitis in our magazine- linked to from this site and our other sites.

The info is applicable regardless of cause especially as far future support. I would suggest our Joint Check for support now as well as our Hoof Check supplement  and  our RED CAL. do listen to the audio and enjoy the articles etc.  there are many articles, audios, videos to “glean” all sorts of info from.

Of course I always suggest Bug Check for all horses too. Thanks for asking!