Getting My Horse To Eat…

I bought the hoof check and joint check and cannot get horse to eat. We feed a pelleted food so hard to top dress. I was afraid of this since he always seems to pick around stuff. Any suggestions? His feet this year have been crumbling and he has been on alot of the other hoof products on the market with no real improvemnet.

Thank you
Loretta M.

Yes- stop the pellets.

I don’t know any horse in the wild that eats “cooked food”.

See the web site .

For now though, start over with just a pinch and then work back up.

ALSO get our Weight Check oil. This helps stick to pellets AND most importantly provides fatty acid support which is very helpful for hoof support PLUS a lot more. It is actually part of the suggested feeding program as is the Just add Oats and Red Cal.

Enjoy the feeding audio on the website and thanks for asking!