Yesterday was "Testimonial Tuesday"!!!

Shared these in an email yesterday…

I was at the grocery store the other
day and ran into my neighbor. She said
“Every time I walk by your house, I have to
stop and look at your horses. They are
always so shiny, you must spend hours
grooming them.” Unfortunately I don’t spend
hours grooming them, but I am glad they look
like I do! Since I started with the natural
oats diet, and eliminating all corn and
sugar products, eliminated toxic de-wormers,
the health of my horses, inside and out
changed dramatically. The spring time skin
issues I had in years past, ie. rain rot,
cracked heels, and dander are no longer a
problem. I am very pleased with your
products and customer service.

Thank you for everything!

C. D. Richards


I have been through 2-25# sacks of
Red Cal and I am very pleased with the
results. I see a big difference in their
body coat, hair. Their overall body score
improves with a better feel under saddle
too. I see less chewing and see happier
horses. I have a 16 yr old mare that is a
easy keeper who always nursed a white or red
salt block. I started her on Red Cal High
Meg free choice and she is looking better
and more satisfied.

Thanks for this product.

S. Crow


Last year we tried Bug Check hoping
it would help a little but we were shocked.
Not all the horses in the barn used Bug
Check but you could walk down the isle and
tell which ones were on it and which ones
were not. The horse that were not would have
swarms of flies around them while the others
had one or two flying around but not
landing. Bot eggs on the legs – NONE for the
horses on Bug Check. Ticks – NONE for the
horses on Bug Check. We used very little bug
spray, and we noticed that even the
mosquitoes stayed away. And their coats were
just beautiful.

L. Coulter


I currently use the Hoof Check
Conditioner for my 2 horses who are both
used for trail riding and cover all kinds of
terrain barefoot.

I have been using Hoof Check for a couple of
years now and have been told on more than
one occasion that my horses have “perfect”
feet by many farriers.

They have never been shod and it is
important to me to keep their feet healthy.
Many “conditioners” also contain hardeners
which aren’t needed in the Florida winters
dry climates. Hoof Check has the perfect
balance for us. I have also used it as an
aid in treating severe thrush in a friends
horses and had remarkable results.

K. Cervenka


My precious horse that I raised since
3 months is doing GREAT now that she is on a
combination of Dr. Dan’s products. In winter
& summer the dosage is the same as
recommended on container. This is
administered 0ne (1) time a day. JUST ADD

P.S. My vet has not been out under emergency
for Three (3) years!!!!

E. Wenhold


I have been feeding my horses Dr.
Dan’s products (RedCal, Just Add Oats,
Health Check & O2Oil) through this past
winter to begin boosting their immunity in
preparation for our hard summers in FL.

Both horse have allergies, one skin and one
respiratory so I believe that with a solid
feeding program in them now, the challenges
of summer will be less hard on them.

They have already begun looking better than
I can recall seeing them in years.

Claudia L.


This will make the 4 or 5th year we
have used Bug Check. I hate to see horses in
pasture stand and fight flies all day. Bug
Check has been a great preventive tool. Also
feeding Red Cal.

B. Adams


Our horse Jake has Head Shaking
sydrome which we’ve been treating with a
homeopathic remedy. He was showing a marked
improvement until we wormed him last fall
with the usual chemical wormers on the
market. His symptoms returned and we were
devastated that all the progress we’d made
had been lost.

We consulted with the manufacturers of this
homeopathic and they urged us to try Dr.
Dan’s Worm Check the next time we wormed. We
followed their advise and are thrilled to
report that Jake had no reactions or return
of symptoms after using Worm Check this

We used Worm Check on all 3 of our horses
none displayed the usual lethargy and “off”
symptoms you usually see for a day or two
after using commercial worming brands. We
will continue to use this product!

R. Johnson


I have used Bug Check for the last 5
years and have been very pleased with the
fly control. Not only are the flies not
bothering the horse and dogs but there are
no flies at my house. I used to have
problems with flies biting the tips of the
dogs ears but even the deer flies don’t
bother them now. When my horse is with other
horses they will be covered in flies and she
will just have a few.

Thanks for such a safe and wonderful natural

J. Anderson DVM

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