Getting Ready For Summer…

Get Ready For Summer!

The first day of Summer is officially June 21st and now is the time to start getting ready for summer if you haven’t done so already.

I have a special presentation that I conducted at the Equine Affaire that will be very informative and helpful for you during the warm weather months no matter where you live, ride or travel.

I discuss dehydration, electrolytes, fats, flies and much more!

I hope during the next few days you will make the time to click and listen on the links in our Library for this presentation and others listed there.

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For People, Pets and Horses!
Repel Flying Insects! Naturally!

For late summer activities, Dr. Dan introduces
Finally Something that works™,
along with Nature For Life™ Spray and Nature For Life™ Wipes…

If you need a product to repel most flying insects we have the products that flat-out work and they do it naturally!

These products have been personally formulated by Dr. Dan after years of experience and research and are unique natural formulas that combine the very best essential oils into a water/oil based multi-leveled formula that will also condition the skin and form a shield-like layer of protection on the outside that lasts for hours.

The Finally Something that works (FWTS) product comes in a 32 oz spray bottle and is more suited for use on horses and pets and around their environment. The Nature For Life™ Spray and Nature For Life™ Wipes are from the same formulation as the FWTS product and comes in convenient packaging for personal use during any outdoor activity.

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Bug Check won “Most Innovative Healthcare Product” for Equitana 2001!

(copied but not duplcted since!)

Bug Check Solutions

Used in over 10,000 horses.

Just a small amount of Bug Check each day on the feed will significantly reduce the fly population and help repel other biting insects.

With mosquitoes being involved in the spread of West Nile this product is greatly needed by every horse. Thiamine (B1), a major component of Bug Check, has been shown to repel mosquitoes even in people.

Also contains a small amount of garlic, shown to repel bugs, as well as diatomaceous earth, both of which deter internal parasites. Grape Seed meal, one of the most super antioxidants known to man, fortifies the skin and gut, making your horse more resistant overall.

Also great for boarding horses because unlike chemical “feed throughs”,
it will work regardless of whether or not all horses are on it.

Also Available:

Introducing new Bug Check Spray “Quick Kill” Formula w/ Pyrethrins and Aloe Vera. Kills fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, gnats and flies on horses, foals, dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. (32 oz.)

Repels for 2-3 days.

Also for use as a grooming aid and coat conditioner.

Bug Check feed formula available in 2lb, 10lb., 25lb. and 50lb. sizes
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Hello Dr. Moore,

I ordered 30 lbs of your Bug Check very later last winter/early spring so that I would have it on hand when it was time to start giving it this fly season. I followed the directions of 1 full scoop for each horse who weighed about 1000 lbs for 3 to 4 weeks and then backed off to 1/2 half a scoop.

Well, as the spring progressed, the flies seamed to really be bothering my two boys and I was wondering why the bug check wasn’t really working. They were getting fly bites on their chest and it was clear they were being bothered by the flies.

Well I decided to go back up to the full scoop to see what would happen. With in about two weeks, my two horses seamed much happier and I noticed the flies (which we did not have that many of) were not bothering them like before.

So, we have been going along on 1 full scoop per day per horse now for about 2 1/2 months. Just the other day we added a new horse to our small group who has not been on bug check and I was able to see first had the difference between a horse who has not been on your bug check and one or two that have! WOW!! What a difference!

Our new horse was a magnet for the flies we did have. I did have some fly spray on hand and had to go get it. He was miserable, poor thing. I haven’t had to use the fly spray in over two months on the two horses that I have. I don’t like using chemicals so I only use something like that as a last resort. Our new horse is a draft so he is on 2 scoops right now and I am using fly spray as needed until the bug check kicks in. Hopefully it will be soon! I am sold on Bug Check, this stuff really works. I wish I had known about it last year when I had my first horse boarded. The flies at the boarding stable were really really bad and my horse was miserable!! I just want to thank you for such a great product and will be trying some of you other products in the future.

Kimberly W.

Also Available: Stable CheckStable Check

Flying Insect Repellant Granules – keeps the bugs out of the air. Great for stalls and around the barn. Non Toxic, Non Chemical – great for mosquitoes and flies!

Hydraid - 4 lb


Aids In Hydration Plus Fortified with Vitamins, Minerals, Direct Fed Microbials Feed alone or top dress onto feed 1 tablespoon. Use before, during and after events (race, show, endurance).

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Our “Four-Life” Wellness Pack is now available to all our customers.

Continuing on our “Alive To Ride” theme we are making available our 4 core wellness products in a special package that includes a free product valued at $19.95

I feel this system is a great building block for everyone and fills the basic needs and address the concerns presented by today’s diets and environment.

Remove, Reduce, Rebuild, Replenish, Rejuvenate, and Recharge…


The “Four-Life” pack contains a month supply of four core products- REDOXX, VitaVegEssentials, ENHANCE Factor and The CLEANSE Factor and is priced so that THE CLEANSE Factor is included for FREE! It is available at a price of $139.85 and I truly believe that starting this monthly regimen will make a difference in the months to come.Alive To Ride!

For added support you simply add one of the targeted products such as PLUS Advantage for even more energy/metabolism boost etc. or TRIM Flex for the added support it offers and of course top it all off with a GREAT Shake to create the perfect daily regimen to help your body thrive each and every month!

For more details about the products included in the “Four-Life” package visit the “Alive To Ride” page by clicking here.