About feeding an I/R horse…

Hello Dr. Dan,

I’m always trying to find better ways to care for my 2 TWH geldings – whom I love dearly.

One of my boys, 12yo Deuce, is sensitive to too much starch/sugar in his diet. He’s eating Triple Crown’s Low Starch formula on the recommendation of our local vet, and he’s doing so much better on this feed.  I’m also supplementing with Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, 1 cup 2x/day. The feed is pricey at $18-$19/50 lb bag.

I’ve read about your feeding program of straight oats + the Just Add Oats supplement. But I know from my own research and reading that oats are one of the grains highest in NSCs, which if I fed to Deuce would probably start his past problems up again.

Is there another source of grain you could recommend for IR/metabolic sensitivity?

Thanks so much!
Sincerely, Rita C.

Honestly, I can’t even help such horses without oats. the info about them is misinformation in my  opinion.

Oats are digested in the hind gut. the only grain that is even. the oil (either our H2Oil or our Weight Check… the later being the one I prefer)  even slow the absorption down more. The carbs are just NOT an issue.

In my opinion that it is the commercial feeds that actually cause such problems. such feeds are full of hydrogenated fats. these fats are killing us and our horses by at least being partial cause of such metabolic issues and the longer such fats are given the more chronic the problems become. of course sugars in commercial feeds and other ingredients are partially responsible BUT the bad fats in commercial feeds are the real culprits. the industry as a whole has not yet even recognized not suggested as a problem. the reason is the solution cost much more and without such bad fats is is difficult to even store the feeds in warehouses, hot feed rooms etc. without them going rancid.

Our oils mentioned above are crude, unrefined, and NOT hydrogenated. my suggestion is to just switch gradually, add the appropriate supplements suggested (Weight Check and Just Add Oats) and offer Red Cal Hi Mag free choice at all times.
If he is “cresty necked” I would add the Critical Care formula which hastens support along but not generally needed for more than a tub or two.

Thanks for asking!!