Arabian horse with sweet itch…


My horse has sweet itch. Will Bug Check help?

Will I get the most help for my horse if I follow the recommended dosage on the bottle or would more be better?

My horse is a 9 year old Arabian— 1000 lbs.

Thank you,

I see hundreds and it is awful isn’t it… but there is great hope but it is not simple.

It takes a change of feed and supplements etc.

First, he does need Bug Check supplement as you note. I would give at least 2 scoops daily. He also needs our Health Check to help get rid of whatever “junk” is in the system and related (see attached article on allergies). Also add our Aller Check supplement. 2 scoops daily.

Sweet itch is so much more than just bug reactions… they are what triggers, but the immune system is really hyper sensitized and needs support.

Throw away your salt and mineral blocks and give our RED CAL instead.. all he can eat all the time.. replace whatever you are feeding currently (regardless of what it is) with the same volume of oats. Commercial feed is often part of the source of the allergens.

To make the oats complete, to those oats add our Just Add Oats supplement (follow directions) and our Weight Check OR H2oil (the higher grade Weight Check does seem to be giving better results over all than the H2Oil).

What To Feed Your Horse? will help explain. There is an even an audio to listen to.

In the magazine attached there are also articles on what to feed, fats, allergies etc. etc and the library section of our website even has lectures I have given on allergies.

Dr. Dan’s Library:

The Natural Horse Vet Magazine:

Also, on the wounds and itchy areas (if any) put our Grape Balm herbal wound healer.. it is ugly and stinks but awesome!

You will have a new horse soon.. at least hundreds and hundreds have. In fact I don’t know of any that have not tremendously been helped.

Thanks for asking!