B.C says, "Cribbing horse… not anymore"!!!

Dr. Dan and co.

Just wanted to let you know that after switching my horse to whole oats, (your) Just Add Oats and (your) H2oil, he has stopped cribbing.

I saw Dr. Dan at the Harrisburg Horse expo at the end of Feb and changed my horses food shortly thereafter. He used to be on Alum and a sweet feed mix which caused instantaneous and heavy cribbing on his stall door. He is a wind sucker type of cribber, not one that chews on stuff, he just holds on and sucks air in.

I noticed a substantial improvement right away and now after eating his evening rations of the above mentioned mixture he just hangs his head out the door like any normal horse would. I really, really can’t believe it, I am so happy for him since it was such a strong and obsessive compulsion.

I’ve had this horse for 12 years and he has always cribbed, badly when in his stall, and also when out to pasture on anything he could get a hold of. The only way to stop him was with the miracle collar and that contraption is just too much like a torture apparatus for me to use it for too long.

I have been so wowed by this development that I sent a letter out to our local trail organization, the Amwell Valley Trail Association telling their members about it and hoping someone else will give it a try and let me know what their results are.

So, thanks for this most unexpected but much appreciated result of switching my horses to the Dr. Dan way.

B.C. Barr; NJ

WOW! That is great news for you guys and I appreciate you so much for sharing this with us.

It made our day!