Respiratory infection…

My horse has had sinus infection.

The vet came and said the lungs sounded fine.  She had snot that was yellow coming out of her nose.  It came and went 3 times.

I thought she was fighting it on her own.  She only had a fever the first week.  We got penicillin for her and gave her a 35 ml shot and then a 25. My husband said that was enough.

I didn’t think it was because at this point she was constantly opening her mouth.  Sinus?  It has been 4 days since she had the penicillin and she starting the mouth jaw manipulation and appears to be coughing again. Is there a natural remedy I can give her?


Not really because of the antibiotic meds given so far.

But for future reference if u r going to use u must stay the course of suggested time for use otherwise it could make worse. I suspect whatever is going on will have to run its course now.

I also suspect Strangles may be a possibility. I would consider having re checked.

To really support the immune system I would also suggest our Aller Check supplement.

Hang in there. Strangles can get ugly. BuT it may be just a simple infection too.