Dr. Dan, I have a question about oats…

We were feeding our horses whole oats but they wasted a lot of the feed and acted like they could not chew them.

Their teeth are maintained by an equine dentist.

Our 30 year-old could not eat them at all even soaked, so we switched to the crimped oats, we use them up fast but I am concerned as we live in south Texas where it is normally humid (currently in a horrible drought).

We will add DE to the oats as that keeps bugs out and does help with excess moisture.  Are we doing a disservice to our guys?

—- Debra

Not at all.

They simply need our Just add Oats supplement added.

Oats alone are not enough and out of the tens of thousands of horses on oats. I have Never seen one that couldn’t digest or chew (some did need soaking).

But regardless they do need Just Add oats since oats are not complete alone. This also has enzymes etc.

The Weight Check oil also gets the fats right.  I would suggest our Red Cal free choice too.

DE in not very palatable so that may be part of the reason for them not eating the whole oats good BUT do remember that oats must be supplemented to be complete. (Way better than commercial junk too regardless if crimped or whole).

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