Dr Dan; will the grape balm help this skin condition…

I have a horse with what I believe to be scratches.

The area just above the hoof is pretty cruddy/scabbed/cracked.

I purchased the Grape Balm Hoof Healer.  Can I just smear that up higher onto the leg, or do I need to purchase the Grape Balm Herbal Wound Healer for that?

The literature does not tell me if they are the same formula.  We have been battling this stuff for 2 years now and it is just not getting any better.  What do you suggest?????

Not the same but fine to use there too.

Listen to the 20 Audio in the library section on our web site dealing with skin care/hoof care.

You can treat topically but the real key is getting them off commercial feed (a source of “junk”) and boosting the immune system.

I suggest feeding oats along with Just Add Oats and Weight Check oil. I also suggest Red Cal free choice. (Listen to the audio on what to feed your horse).

I also suggest the Health Check to help get rid of the “junk” and Aller check to really support the immune system.

Thanks For Asking!