Dr. Dan; I have a DSLD/ESPA horse…

Hello Dr. Dan,

I have a DSLD/ESPA horse, and I was wondering if you knew of any supplements that could help him.

I suspect that the cause will be ruled out as hereditary as time goes on.

The most likely cause in my humble opinion would be two-fold…

mineral and fat related. processed fats (hydrogenated as in todays commercial feeds) which make up the majority of nerves that “fired” tendons muscles etc. etc. and mineral imbalances and excesses (even heavy metals from vaccines may be involved)   With all that being said I would first suggest our feeding program (oats along with Just Add Oats and our NON hydrogenated Weight Check oil and Red Cal, hi mag in this version).

I would increase the Weight Check oil to twice the normal amount suggested on the label. this may help displace the bad fats present. I would also double the Just Add Oats at least for several months to load the body with the extra vitamins, minerals.

Finally I would add the Health Check to help provide herbal support that are not available elsewhere.   Take pictures before and after so we can see the improvement in the ligaments etc.