Dr. Dan; about our easy-keeper mare…

We just purchased an eight year old mare for my daughter. The horse was definitely overweight (especially over the ribs and shoulders)when we got her.

She is loosing weight now on a diet of hay only with one supplement for her feet which were cracked.

She is eating free-choice Remond salt(loose)at the moment but I want to purchase a good mineral/salt(loose)supplement for her as I believe completely in free-choice mineral feeding for all my animals.

Should I go the Mag route with her?

She seems to be dropping the weight easily but I am finding her muscle-tone underneath isn’t what I would expect as she appears to be heavily muscled and is now showing some flabbiness to that musculature.

She is also very “alert” and high-headed but can be settled down with quiet grooming and light exercise.  She doesn’t spook or misbehave in any other respect…just seems to want to see everything.

Thanks.  Karen

I would get the “hi mag” version of Red Cal.

It can often help settle a nervous horse as well and is good for any horse anyway…

Also listen to the audio on “what to feed your horse”.

To burn fat you need fat (good fat) like our Weight Check oil.

Typically 2 oz per day will maintain or help lose if needed. More than 2 oz will typically put fat on. Endurance and high performance horses can even get up to 8 oz daily if needed.

Thanks for asking!

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