Karen's 35 year-old special needs horse

Dear Dr. Dan,

Five years ago I purchased Just Add Oats, Red-cal, H2Oil for my then 30 yr old Quarter gelding.

He did good on that ration, but has since lost so many teeth he recently choked on oats and my vet told me I can’t feed them any longer.

He now eats Sr pellet 14 percent feed and alfalfa cubes soaked in water.

I have recently begun adding a scoop of calf manna to his pellets to add calories and try to keep some weight on him.  He also is very arthritic in his hind quarters and has some swelling of his knees and hocks.

Can you recommend a feed regiment for my old buddy that might keep weight on but not be such a bulky amount. I worry that I am feeding too much bulk while trying to put weight on him.

Thanks for your help.
Karen, Illinois

Go back to what you were feeding.

Now just soak the oats overnight and add more H2oil for the extra weight.

Also add the Joint Check. The commercial stuff is terrible