Elizabeth's 27 year old TB gelding…

I have a 27 year old TB gelding with a spinal impingement.  only banamine helps but I cannot keep him on banamine much  longer.  when he does not have banamine, he cannot walk more than a few steps and is paralyzed.  I am giving him MSM, B-1 solution and probiotics.
Help because I can only keep him on banamine for a few more days.  I need a strong anti-inflammatory like banamine.

— Elizabeth

I would really suggest our Critical Care Laminitis/Founder product.  There is really no better nutritional anti-inflammatory available.
Even though it says for founder/laminitis, We use it for any situation involving inflammation. this product also preserves the Cox 1 enyme for gut protection. Also, specifically for the Gut our Gut Check is awesome.. it is not just probiotocs but prebiotics and even enzymes to help the gut.
I would also consider a chiropractor, if you have not already.
See article from magazine:

Laminitis- A Dreaded Problem with a Simple Solution

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I hope this information helps and thanks again for asking!