Dr. Dan on Summer Itch and more…

Hi  Dr. Dan – Doug suggested that I contact you – I’m in Florida and have a horse that gets the “summer itch” – it’s starting already.  He gets whole oats & Platinum & Epic with T&A hay.  It’s not working. What would you suggest?  Also I have another young horse prone to ulcers.  What would you suggest for him?  My horses have 12 hours of grass turnout on crummy Florida grass.

Jeannie M.

For both I suggest the feeding program below (get info at www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com).

I basically suggest that to oats you add our Just Add oats and our Weight Check supplements. Also Red Cal free choice.

That means available at ALL times. I would also suggest Bug Check for both being in Florida for sure. For the allergy horse definitely the Aller Check supplement too.

And for now also the Health Check to help get rid of the “junk” present already.

The Gut Check for the ulcer horse as well until the better feeding program kicks in. The timothy is fine.