whole oats or crimped?

Hi Dr. Dan,   Hope 2009 finds you healthy and happy!   Well I finally bought my horse.

His name is Perfect, “As Perfect As It Gets” is his registered name, but he is ‘MY’ Perfect.  He is a Tennessee Walker and so sweet. Perfect was born 2/13/2008 and I purchased him Jan. 1, 2009.  AND gelded 12/2008.   In January I boarded him in Celina Texas.  He was in a stall but let out from 6am to 6pm.  The barn owner fed him Purina/Olina grain and coastal hay, plus he was let out in a small pasture with a round ring bale of hay.

I did not like his feeding situation so February I moved him to Aubrey Texas.

He had a huge pasture with a fine shed for covering and the barn owner fed him Strategy grain, and alfalfa hay, with a coastal hay also.  But I did not like the alfalfa hay and how it made him get all charged up.   So March 1, 2009 I moved him about 7 miles from my home and it is partial care.

The barn owner feeds Perfect in the am the feed & grain that I put out for him to eat and I feed him in the evening.  He has a stall with a run and I let him out to a pasture with a buddy from noon until dinner time…… FINALLY I get to feed and take care of my horse.      At the moment I am feeding him a California coastal hay… and it is very soft and green and I really like it and so does Perfect.  Timothy hay is really difficult to find consistently.

So hay wise I think I am going to stick with what I am feeding Perfect, unless you have a suggestion.

I am feeding him Progressive Premium Growth Formula Grain.  I feed him 2-1/2 lbs morning and night.

I think he weighs around 500 lbs…. AND I AM READY TO START HIM ON OATS!

I plan to order: Just Add Oats / $45.99 (10 lbs) H2Oil / $39.99 (1 gal)Bug Check / $28.99 (2 lbs)Red Cal / $75.00
BUT the real question is whole oats or crimped? And how much??????

Kay F.

Sure sounds PERFECT!!!

Answer: Whole oats.

Crimped (hull broken) are only 6 percent more digestibility efficient but once crimped they must be fed fresh because they start to go rancid quickly.

Gradually switch to the same amount of feed now feeding.

Thanks For Asking!