about tapeworms, bots & parasites…

Hello….just read the “O Crap” article and one of the things you said was that tapeworms, bots, and parasites do not showup in a fecal exam.

My questions is, what do you do about that (more concerned with the bots) My horse is on the following…..

Whole oats H2Oil, Bug Check Just add oats, Red Cal (and when I can afford it, Health Check)

Please advise what I should do about bot season.

Thanks, J. Mancinho

You are right on track prevention wise, Good health is the best prevention for all issues. That starts with diet.

If they have bot eggs on the legs chances are they have bots. Tapes  will show up on fecals …perhaps not every time but they should eventually show up, also many times you can even see these around the tail.

We use our natural product called Worm Check.

Can’t say for certainty it takes care of either because of difficulties in testing (Ie. killling the horses) but… neither are generally considered life treatening either as are rounds (particularly young yearlings etc.) and strongyles.

Thanks For Asking!

OH’ CRAP at http://wormcheck.com/?p=3