COPD in horses question…

Hi Dr. Dan –  I have a question about COPD in horses.  I have had a boarding/training facility for many years and had never experienced heaves or COPD type symptoms in our horses.  Last spring I had one of my horses start coughing regularly.  The vet came and did some testing – LPD testing or something…  He felt it was COPD.  The treatment was a dex step down program – which improved things but did not eliminate it.  This spring that same horse and another one have the same symptoms.  What do you recommend for this.  I use your lots of your products including free choice red cal.  I am wondering if you have something for this or can recommend something other than drugs.


Dex only covers the symptoms   holistically speaking it is not good and almost always comes back and even makes worse….. of course this is not what is taught in vet school..
Simly put, COPD is allergy related so you just  is to get rid of the “junk” causing and second, not put more in.. and 3rd, boost the immune system to help at least stop the progression (It is or at least can be life threatening) … So we need to pull out the “big Guns” so to speak…
First is to get off ALL  commercial feed (these are always full of junk) and onto oats (listen to audio below on what to feed your horse) To the oats add Just Add Oats and Weight Check oil .. and free choice RED CAL
Next, Aller Check supplement to boost the immune system
Finally, Health Check to help get rid of the “junk” already in the system
Also watch the dusty hay
allergy testing is generally totally useless by the way because generally they come back being allergic to things you can possibly keep a horse away from. such as dust, mold, sometimes even oats (Though I still would suggest oats even in those cases)
so read the article on allergies in the magazine too. and also search the blog…. site below for heeves, heaves, copd, lungs etc.
Thanks for asking!

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