Allergies question…

I work for a guest ranch in Utah.  One of the horses in our string has developed terrible allergies.  He is a wonderful horse and we are looking for a way to help him.  He starts rubbing his hair off in the early summer, seems to be reacting to bugs and pollen.  I read your article and it makes sense, I just wondered if you could give us a specific program to get this cleared up.

Thanks so much.


No problem . glad to help.
First get him off commercial feed.. in fact, Commercial feeds are terrible in my opinion. replace the same quantity of this feed with oats. To the oats add our supplements Just Add Oats and Weight Check oil.

Give our Red Cal free choice all the horses can eat at all times (see age 21 of the magazine for an article on salt and minerals).

Also the Health Check will help get rid of the “junk” already present and the Aller Check will boost the immune system.
Bug Check will help keeps the bugs off as well.
You hopefully will have new horses soon. thanks for asking!!
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Don’t forget our Pet & People products too!

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