Questions about our Affiliate Program…

We have been getting a lot of inquires about our Affiliate
program lately and many of these requests have come from
longtime customers that had no idea we had a way for them to
basically “earn” income to pay for their personal product usage
each month.

Then there are others that have taken it to another level and
are earning what amounts to an extra paycheck without an extra

Plus, it has become a great way for Rescue Missions, clubs and
organizations to develop an ongoing, never-ending fundraiser and
a great way for us to help so many at once.

It’s FREE to get started!

You get free websites, online aides, and much more!

We have sections of our website devoted to sharing this
information with you and you can get started by reviewing the
information here:

The basics:

First, decide to become a FREE Affiliate.

When you, your club or organization joins, you will
create and receive your own personal “Affiliate
Username”. This is used to create a unique link and web
address to several personal websites that are provided
to you at no additional cost.

An example would be a site like this and a web address
like this:

Use your your website address in ads, on other sites like
Facebook or MySpace, on brochures (we’ll even provide
some sales aides for free via online download), or any
other way you want to tell someone about our products.
Besides the available free business aides, we will also
provide online banners to help you drive traffic to your
website and provide a way to link to specific products.

When others access and order products through your
personal link
, our software will track those sales
and assign them to your account and you will receive a
10% commission based on the retail value of their order.
When your commissions total $25 or more, the funds will
be deposited directly into your banking account by our
secure direct deposit process.

A Real “Stimulus Plan” that you can use to help others!

Though we’ve been doing business online this way since 2001, I’m
real excited about the possibilities for each of you in 2009 if
you plug into our Affiliate Program at any level of

It would be to you advantage to review the information as soon
as possible and get setup so that you can get started “spreading
the word” to friends and family.

Dr. Dan Moore, DVM