Malic Acid to detox Aluminum???

I saw your website talk about using malic acid to detox aluminum, can you email me with more details?  My horse had her HMA done, it shows shocking high level of Aluminum and Iron, please advise if you carry malic acid, and how much should I give her, how does it work, etc…
Thank you.  Sincerely, M. Parson

Actually I have found better. It’s our Health Check.

Page 36 of the magazine describes it.

It would literally take 11 buckets of carrots and apples to equal one scoop from an anti oxidant standpoint.
I also don’t put much faith in hair analysis anymore. They ALL keep coming back with high aluminum levels. Then we would formulate a custom mix which would eventually throw something else off.

Check out our Red Cal product, as it it has handled most issues from a heavy metal standpoint too.

The Natural Horse Vet Magazine: