A question about Diatomaceous earth…

If diatomaceous earth kills insects by poking holes in them and allowing them to dry out, what is it doing to my horse's stomach/intestines?  If we're not supposed to breath the dust, how is it safe for my horses?

Fed Bug Check last year and did not have *any* problem with bot eggs and a minimal problem with flies!


There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions about DE.

What we use is even allowed to be used in grain bins for bug control in flour and other grains even. (Human)

There are different types of DE.  Ours is called Amorphous. (Water soluble) The bad kind is not (it is like you use in swimming pools etc.) That kind contains a lot of silica (not soluble sort of like talcum powder)which should not be breathed in excess.

As for the stomach… It produces mucus etc etc. It is Totally different than the environment on the shell of a bug. It really doesn't cut holes by the way. It just mechanically dries the exoskeleton.

The products with D.E have been provided to tens of thousands for over 10 years now  with only healthy, great results.
(this includes thousands I have been personally connected to as well as my own (test herd if you will))

Thanks so much for asking!

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