My horse has a hot swollen eye…

Dr. Dan, my TB has a swollen eye and it is a little hot, what can i do to reduce the swelling or clean it out for him, it seems to itch. He was fine yesterday but now his eye is draining a little and swollen like he got stung or has something in it. he is UTD on everything. Please help on what I can do. I am short on cash right now for a vet call.
Thanks, Lisa

I really hate to fool around with eye issues. I would have him checked.

There is a homeopathic remedy called euphrasia. It is tiny pellets. I would get a 30C potency (costs only about $10) and give The suggested adult amount 3 times daily. Put it in between the cheek and gum like snuff. It dissolves quickly.
I would still have him checked asap. Ulcer, uveitis etc are possible and would hate to lose an eye.