Insulin resistant horses

Dr Dan. My gelding is insulin resitant it has taken 4 yrs to get his levels to within the normal range and this is the first yr in 4 he has not had an episode of foundering.

He is a 14 yr old polish arabian he is what is considered an easy keeper.he has had less than 1% rotation .he is fed progessive hay ration balancer at 1 lb a day with grass hay.he has free choice salt at all times and a hay ration balancer mineral block which he has never touched… when i take him out to allow him to eat grass for a few minutes.

he is a winter founder or cold weather founder has never foundered on grass> instead if eatting grass he looks for mud and happily eats the he is missing something in his diet we can’t allow him free choice hay or he packs weigh on so he is given hay 3 times a day 1 flake grass hay am 1 flake at noon and 3 for dinner.he is exersized and turned out daily he has shown english…western.jumping.dressage and is now low level eventing.besides being a teacher for kids to learn on as he is sweet natured and very good with them…my question is the red cal is it safe for a IR horse?? he is on pergolide <down to 1 drop 2x a day> and on remission as well as msm to support his founder issues as well as pure biotin to help with feet issues …

my vet wants to pull another ATCH in june and possibly take him completely off pergolide.his last levels in feb were 13 so well within the normal range thanks … Jo

I see hundreds and hundreds of IR horses and hundreds our laminitis/founder.

I can’t even fix them without Red Cal. I would suggest the “High Mag” version if he is currently cresty necked or over weight. also consider our feeding program. you CAN have a totally normal horse again.

Personally, I have real issues with commercial feeds so take a listen to the audio on “what to feed your horse”. also consider our Joint Check (see age 36 of the magazine.. there is nothing like it joint/health wise) you wont need msm  which is really just a cheap source of sulfur anyway and the Joint Check has much more bioavailable sources of this and other ingredients not found elsewhere. everything in our Health Check is also in our Joint Check PLUS all the joint ingredients so it is essentially like two products in one. Really you won’t need the biotin either, though there is no problem continuing to use both the msm and biotin. .