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Dr. Dan, I have a 5yr old TWH mare who gets seasonal allergies. She lives in a pasture with a run in shed. There is no standing water. The shed is kept clean and dry. She seems to be allergic to bug bites and will rub out her mane and upper tail area. She also rubs her neck, shoulders and chest. I use bug spray regularly and not the cheap stuff.

Last year I purchased her a very good fly sheet with neck cover. I bathed her about once every 3wks. Washed her down after each ride to remove sweat. Finally resorted to a Kenalog inj. every 3wks. She still rubbed out her mane a little at a time as her 3rd week approached(time for another injection). I don’t know what else to do.

Please help!


I see hundreds of such. The problem now is the steroids that have been used. They really confuse the body’s ability to heal and really just cover up symptoms anyway. I know it is frustrating but even chemical sprays can make worse. Flies are almost never the issue. Just the trigger… So in your horses case at this point we have to pull out the “big guns” now.

What we want to do at this point is help the body heal itself. We can’t do it for it. First we have to get rid of whatever “allergens” are causing the allergy. These can come from commercial feed (generally a big part of the problem). Next we have to not put anymore in (again change feed and really decrease vaccines, dewormers, other chemical to the very lowest amount you feel comfortable with)m

Finally we have to re regulate the immune system.. For instance vaccines sensitize the immune system over and over each time they are given. It seems that often the body is so sensitized that reacts to anything. This is often the case in allergy cases that have been blood or skin tested for what they are allergic too(useless by the way in most cases)… These come back often to “everything” you can’t possibly keep a horse away from such as those flies, dust, hay pollen etc etc.

I hope this is making sense. There are articles, videos, audios etc on our website and in the magazine and blog on the subject for further reference.

As for exactly what to do: listen to the audio on what to feed your horse. Getting off commercial feed is utmost important. I suggest oats. To the oats add the Just Add Oats and Weight Check oil supplements. Offer Red Cal free choice (see page 21 of the magazine). Get rid of the “junk” in the body with Health Check (including those past steroids, drug effects etc.) and modulate the immune system with Aller Check.

Don’t forget the Bug Check supplement. Use whatever amount that is needed for your particular situation this product is not 100 percent but tens of thousands have been greatly helped and very few haven’t.

Expect a new horse soon. Oh yes, you may not even need it but our “finally something That works” spray is all natural ingredients and is very good too. Again not perfect but great!

Thanks for asking

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