Horse skin allergies

I have a friend with a Quarter horse who is allergic to gnats. Every summer the horse’s hair falls out and the skin gets very itchy and almost looks like an elephant’s skin. Any suggestions I can give the owner?

Thank you!


Allergies are one of the biggest problems I see.

There is an article on allergies and a video too in the library section of our web site. also several audios from Equine Affare, etc. where I have spoken on such. 

I would start with both our Bug Check and our Aller Check supplements. These have helped hundreds and probably pushing now a thousand with such. Bug Check is not 100% effective but it does really really help. For gnats generally more needs to be given than usual however. generally a scoop a day is enough but don’t hesitate to use more if needed. each environmental situation is just different .

Also be sure to listen to the audio on what to feed your horse. EVERYTHING for a horses starts in the gut and commercial feeds are very often related. thanks for asking!
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