Automimmune disease (and biting insects)

I have a three year old horse that has been diagnosed with autoimmune disease.  During the spring and summer the fly’s and other biting insects apparently have a substatially greater affect on him because of the autoimmune disease, than a horse without it.  He will rub the bite areas until he rubs the hair completely off.

  The veterinarian has prescribed a regiment of steroids which we will start him on this spring.  Do you have any alternatives or suggestions that might be less invasive?  

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I see many of these but I don’t use drugs and we still get great results.  Steroids only covers up the problem and really makes worse over the long haul. You may get temporary relief but it comes back with a vengence. so…
see  the article on allergies in the magazine, the various audios and videos  in the library section of the website. listen to the audio on “what to feed your horse” and the website on feeding.I also suggest you go to  and search for allergies (past answers to similar problems).
Bottom line is you have to change from any commercial feed now using (see what to feed audio..,…..oats, Just Add Oats and Weight Check supplements and RED CAL free choice)), help the body get rid of whatever “junk” is related to the allergy (our Health check supplement) and already in the system and finally support the immune system Aller Check) and not put any more junk back help keep the bugs off (our Bug Check is not 100% but awesome)
I know the “autoimmune you have been told about makes this sound worse but I do see hundreds that literally destroy the skin as you describe)

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