Asking About Seasonal Allergies…

I have owned my 5 year old mare for over a year now and I have been told from her previous owner that she has a bad skin/coat reaction to her summer-time allergies. As I have experienced for two summers, my mare’s fur falls out in strips all over her body and all of the hair on her muzzle and eyes. She also gets a bad case of conjunctivitis that can be managed with a fly mask.  I have spoken with a few vets, none of whom could give me an answer, nor treatment. I have also done some experimenting and research on my own, but to no avail. Aside from sneezing and not looking normal, my mare’s energy is that of a healthy horse, she is also a very happy go lucky horse.  If you could provide any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I would at least like to make her more comfortable and protect her against her allergies, may they be from flies, ragweed, or something else.             

Thank you very much for your time,
Sarah K.

We have helped hundreds if not thousands with similar issues. It is not an easy task or a simple fix however. As severe as yours it is critical to make some major changes overall. The first change is getting the horse off all commercial feed. (See the audio below on what to feed your horse)

Second you need to help your horse get rid of the “junk” already in the system that is causing the allergy. Flys bugs etc are not the cause.. They do and can trigger the problem however. (See the article on allergies in the magazine and audio and video in the library section on the website). To help get rid of the “junk” I suggest our Health Check supplement. To keep the flies off I suggest our award winning Bug Check (Most innovative Heath care product 2001 Equitana USA).

To help boost the immune system I would suggest our Aller Check supplement. If anything will help nutritionally the above will and it has hundreds already. Thanks for asking!


What To Feed Your Horse?

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