"Ask Dr. Dan Live" Monday February 23rd, 2009

Monday Night, February 23rd at 9:30 PM EDT, I am going to conduct my first 2009,
“Ask Dr. Dan Live” Tele- Seminar/Webcast

I hope you can make plans now to attend.

I have a special page setup with all the details including a section that you can use to submit a question for this live event.

You will need to use the following information to listen (and join in!) to the call or live online webcast:

Phone-Number to Dial:  (1) 419-400-0202
Use Conference ID:  9175062#

We will also be offering a LIVE Webcast of the call for those with a good internet connection. Usually a DSL/Cable connection will work best  to ensure smooth listening without delays.

Click Here For More Details and To Access
The Webcast Page at: