About my horse with cancer…

Dr. Dan,

Linda Parelli suggested that I contact you.

My 14-yr-old Irish Sport horse has developed a large spindle cell tumor on his right shoulder – encapsulated in a calcium shell about the size of a large grapefruit.  Told by UC Davis in California there is no surgical option, no chemotherapy option.

Looking for a better answer and health for him and started working with Homeopathic vet, Dr. Diane Bochenski in Solvang, CA.  Also using herbal treatment from Robert McDowell from Australia.

Linda said you were her best bet.

Thanks for asking. I would suggest a few things, essentially, all of them focused on helping the horse heal itself.

First I would put our Grape Balm herbal Wound Healer on the tumor daily. Wash it off daily and reapply. It is ugly and smells bad too but it does have a tremendous “drawing effect”. And heals wounds and open sores well.

Second I would make sure the horse gets all of our Red Cal that he can eat. Just hang an extra bucket where he spends his time and make sure there is an inch or so in there daily. You don’t even have to wash the bucket, just add a little fresh to what is left but never let the bucket run out.

Finally I would give our supplement called Aller Check daily. It is a tremendous immune modulator with some ingredients unlike any other.

Check out the feeding program on the audio/info at:

One more thing, the Health Check supplement will help get rid of any “junk” in the system too. It is a super antioxidant which could only help.

Please consider taking pictures and letting me know how we do. Don’t hesitate to call.

I suspect if anything will help, the above will.

Continue working with the homeopathic vet if he is a classical homeopath. What I am suggesting won’t interfere with this. I practice homeopathy too so I am aware. Hang in there.