International FEI Rider and Olympic hopeful, Nancy M.Smith endorses The Natural Vet's products… an equestrian athlete in training for the 2010 World Equestrian Games, I put a lot of energy into my daily training sessions. I ride horses for about five or six hours each day so it is important to me to have the stamina to remain at my best throughout the day.  I start each morning with a delicious chocolate flavored Great Shake protein drink mixed with 2% milk. This is the only protein drink that I have found to really taste as good as a milk shake and yet be high in protein and low in sugar so that I don’t experience that mid-morning sugar low.

My horses’ health is just as important as my own and I have been using several products from the Natural Vet to insure that they can perform up to their highest standard.  Both of my Grand Prix dressage horses have been using Joint Check as a preventative to keep their bones and joints healthy during the rigorous training and competition schedule that they must maintain for International competition.  They also have daily access to Red Cal mineral supplement.  I have started doing fecal cultures on them to check their worm count to make sure that they are not getting harsh chemical wormers that aren’t necessary.  Worm Check has been a nice alternative to use in between deworming.

Nancy M. Smith

Former Member of the United States Equestrian Team

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