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Kill MRSA plus more!

Staph Control

Staph Control


A new EPA registered eco-friendly product that kills MRSA and other Staph, Salmonella, E Coli, Influenza, HIV, Herpes and much more! It is colorless, odorless and proven to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses!There is nothing like our Staph Control™

Great for use on non-porous surfaces in hospitals, schools, restaurants, all living areas and office workplaces. Will not stain.

When used properly, Staph Control™ will maintain efficacy for 24 hours providing you with around-the-clock peace of mind protection.


With its powerful antimicrobial properties, it is ideal for use by:• Healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, physician/dental offices, nursing homes and ambulances.

• Correctional facilities including law enforcement transport vehicles.

• Centers for learning, especially in cafeterias, nurses’ offices, classrooms, restrooms and locker rooms.

• Sports arenas, both in public areas and locker rooms, restrooms and food service areas.

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The Staph Control pages include a short informative and hard-hitting cable news show video that exposes  the serious threat and dangers of Staph/MRSA , “super bugs” and other infections.Click Here For More Info

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EPA REGISTERED and Eco- Friendly!

eco-friendlyStaph Control™ has a manufacturing process that produces zero discharge with no waste or byproducts. It is also manufactured from silver ions and citric acid, both of which occur naturally in the environment.