Oats / free choice, grass, hay diet…

Dr. Dan,  My horse has recovered from mechanical (farrier induced) founder and is an easy keeper. He is now on free choice grass hay (24 hrs day) and a small portion of oats.  My homeopathic vet said Frank Lampley’s products are good, so I bought the A-Z (but I just learned you are supposed to add linseed meal and soybean meal to balance the A-Z and oat diet). My horse does not particularly care for the A-Z.  

Would your just add oats be sufficient for my horse?
C. Bixel

Yes, but I also suggest in addition to Just add Oats, our Weight Check oil (great source of fatty acids plus more)

I also always suggest Red Cal. Use the Hi-mag version for easy keepers. The audio/info on the What To Feed Your Horse site should help.  Also, the article on salt and minerals page 21 of the magazine explains why Red cal is suggested for all horses.

Thanks for asking!