Epelepsy in horses…

Hello Dr Dan  

I am not sure if you remember me but I met you last year at the Harrisburg Pa. show. I was telling you about my 25 yr. old gelding that H.T. trained who had foundered.

I am happy to report that he has made a full recovery and I strongly believe it is due to your products. I have had wonderful results on all my horses with them. Even a overweight mare who has trimmed down with the weight check oil.

But the reason I am writing is my 11 yr. old gelding who was out to pasture at a friends for the last 4 yrs. He started to get caught up in the fence. They returned him to me in Sept. Since then we have seen him have these attacks were he spins always to the right in circles (like a cutting horse) and then backs up very quickly. He has gone though the fence twice and we have caught him doing this in the middle of the field. When you go near him or call his name he stops and seems glad for the help, we talk to him and he calms  down and walks off. Our vet has ruled out epm and nerological problems. His stifle has locked up as a yearling and two yr. old. To me he acts like he can’t move his left hind leg  when this happens. X rays have show fluid on the stifle and some mild bone spurs.  The vet mentioned epelepsy and suggested a shot that may help (can’t rem the name believe it started with a d). I am totally at a loss this is a  wonderful horse to put anyone on. However if the stifle isn’t the problem I am not sure about how safe he is. I am considering having the ligaments cut, the vet feels it won’t hurt and may just solve the problem.

I realize it is very hard for you to say anything without seeing the horse but I cannot tell you how much I value your input.  

Thank You Andrea S.

I would Never do surgery for a stifle issue. Most are really back issues and in almost all cases a chiropractor can help (fix actually). Epilepsy or seizures are actually the body trying to discharge or “get rid of” something. The last thing I would do is give more meds.

I would help the body try to get rid of whatever is present and related. From a product perspective, I would consider our Joint Check. You get an antioxidant effect as well as all the “great” joint ingredients.

Hope this helps. Thanks so much for your confidence.