Tell me more about Red Cal Hi-Mag

I have been using RED CAL for 3 yrs. I own 2 Rockies. One is overweight and has a “cresty neck”.  I feed him less than a kitchen measuring cup of oats daily with a vitamin supplement. He gains weight just on grass. How can high-Mag help him?

First he also needs our Just Add Oats and our Weight Check oil. These I know will balance the small amount of oats he gets. (You have to have “good fat” to burn fat. (The Weight Check provides this) The Just add oats supplement provides what MAN know they need to make the oats complete.)

The Red CaL sort of “picks up the pieces” for nutrients man has yet to discover. It is sort of like “Mother Nature’s balancer. The extra magnesium just assists in making the metabolism more efficient and with sugar regulation. I suspect the above will help greatly but like people they all are still individuals. With the crest neck I would really suggest the Critical Care hypothyroid/ over weight. It is pricey but awesome at hastening all along. Fortunately on a tub or two is needed to really get the situation under control.

See the audio/info on “what to feed”. . We have lots of testimonies with results. We work with a lot of Rockies too.