Spasolicodimic C

I have an 8 year old heavy cross horse, the last year and 2 times already this year he has come with this spasm type colic, the vet uses Banamine on him but this time he had a horrible reaction and his neck has been swelled for 4 weeks.  I would like to know of a product to help him through winter as this is the only time he colics.  Is there a product to give him daily to keep him calm and possibly help ward off this type of colic.  I am in Canada and i hope you may be able to help.

The article on feeding in the magazine and audio below on feeding will provide info to prevent your problem. Bannamine though needed actually only covers up the symptoms thus still leaving the “cause”.

Couple more suggestions because colic has occurred several times please consider Health Check supplement as an antioxidant to help get rid of the chemicals in the system from past treatments … Also Gut Check to help restore the gut itself. Also since winter cold is involved the Red Cal should help drink more and thus help prevent. See the article on salt and minerals page 21 of magazine.