Rocky Mountain Horse with EPM…

Hi Dan, I am a pediatric physical therapist and the executive director of Upside Therapeutic Riding, Inc., a 501 c 3 non profit, in Louisville, Kentucky.

We have Rocky Mountain Horses for our program.  I also have 2, 2 yo RMH geldings, both of which contracted EPM.  We treated them with several rounds of Marquis.  They have made significant improvement overall.  One of them had a much more severe case than the other.  His hindend isn’t connected to his front end.  He looks better at a gallop.  When his cadence is slow his gait pattern looks terrible. He is also mentally off, very spooky and has a different eye gaze.  I would like to try the product with the salt and trace minerals.  They are all on Purina Strategy Feed and rice bran oil plus hay of course.  Do you know of any other products that might help them?

Could you sell any of your products at cost since we are a non-profit with very limited funds?  Thank you, Kim W.

Kim, Thanks for asking. we have been able to help many EPM horses. The first question one must ask is why after millions of years of co-mingling does a horse suddenly in the last 10-15 years or so, have a problem being exposed to the opposum and its manure (source of EPM organisms). What have we done in other words, to the horse,  to make the horse more likely to contract the disease.
The first issue is the environment. yes they are more confined (domesticated) and more apt to co-mingle. But 20 years ago before EPM was so rampant the were already together. so… Basically I beleive, we have destroyed the horses immune system and filled them so full of toxic subsances (primarily bad fats, drugs and heavy metals). Thus we must look at what we feed and what we give otherwise.
Having said that I that I feel commercial feed is perhaps the  major problem. The situation with commercial feed is the hydrogenated fats. (plus all the other “junk”) There is no doubt that hydrogenated fats  ARE killing people and it only seems plausable that they are doing the same to our horses. Extrapolated reasoning…Yes, but we also do have so mush diabetes, neurodegenerative problems (MS, fibromyalgia) and  obesity in people and now also metabolic, neurodegenerative problems (EPM, head shaking, moon blindness) and insulin resistant (same issue basically as type 2 diabetes) in horses.
Hydrogenated fats literally destroy the cellular membranes They even  make the the cells like plastic balls which could “entrap” these super bugs like EPM organisms.. They even become “entrapped” in the liver (my opinion of course) so they just start to flourish again after the medication kills them thus allowing EPM to come back again and again after treatment.
I hope this is making sense to you. Please see the article on Fats and “What To Feed Your Horse” in the magazine . There is also an audio on what to feed on the site.
Of course vaccinations, the other likely cause,  are also full of heavy metals which damage nerves etc etc. By the way nerves are mostly fat anyway as is the brain itself.  One only has to look at the increase in Autism in children today  (personally I believe correct information is even being suppressed by the “powers to be”) to consider that possible link.
So what to do…. first, change the feed. listen to the audio below… all commercial feeds have hydrogenated fats that I am aware of and lots of them. second , vaccinate only for what is required by law.. in most cases nothing. even in Egypt (just got back from there), the only thing vaccinated for is Tetanus… and by they way the vets I spoke with are 80% effective in treating tetanus. (I believe we have some misinformation on vaccines as well). also let me say that you will not believe the horrid conditions those horses were in there and way way more likely to be exposed to tetanus than our horses here. Third ,really boost the immune system and help the body get rid of all the “junk”already in it. so along with the feeding program suggested in the audio, I really suggest Health Check and Allercheck if possible.. Of course the RED CAL as you suggested too is also deal to help detox.  Finally, I have had success in “flooding” the body with good fats such as our Weight Check oil (or even H2OIL of ours is great it is just that Weight Check is giving better results overall). These good fats may allow the “trapped super organisms” to be released as well so that the body can handle them and also allow the cells to more rapidly repair.
I am sure you understand that we work with alot of non profits so what we have done is put together an affiliate program so that all of them can benefit financially from telling others about our products. This has become like a perpetual fundraiser for those groups.