My horse is displaying some loud flatulence…

Dr. Dan, 

Question: My horse is of late displaying some loud flatulence.  He does not seem in distress in any way. We’ve had much cooler temps. than normal this past week.  His diet consists of free-choice grass hay (good quality) a small amount of oats and alfalfa pellets to get his minerals to him, Red-cal and about 1 cup of flax per day. At PM he also gets 1 cup of beet pulp soaked b’c our vet said with the sandy soil where we are, the beet pulp would naturally help move the sand out. 

Should I be concerned about his gas? He is fine otherwise and seems to be drinking just fine.  He lives outside.  Does he need some sort of probiotic?  Thanks.  You are always so great about answering questions, and your advice has been invaluable to me. ~Allison

I would stop the beet pulp.. see the info on what to feed your horse for why.. basically it has potential for pesticides since it is a by product of a food crop that uses quite a bit if such and since roots accumulate pesticides etc. as well. I am also not fond of flax since it has a tendency to go rancid more quickly that other better sources of fatty acids. (Please consider our weight Check oil instead).

I would really suggest our Just Add Oats 2x as well. The best probiotic, prebiotic, enzyme etc. source would be our Gut Check. the audio below on what to feed your horse should help clarify all too.

Thanks for asking!