Head Shakers Syndrome?

We have a quarter horse that is 16 years old that has been diagnosed as a head shaker.  We have treated him with Capstar which intially worked very well.  Symtoms have returned and we think that some other type of treatment may help.  Would you have any suggestions or products that have had any success in dealing with this problem.  We were thinking that something that may boost his immune system might be of some benefit.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks. Best regards, G. Johnson Calgary, Canada

We have had very good success with head shakers. the immune system boost is critical as is detoxing with herbal antioxidants. Equally important is getting them off commercial feed. evaluating deworming and vaccination “routines” are important as well.
Please review the audio/article on what to feed horses.
I suggest oats along with our Just Add Oats  2x and our Weight Check oil along with RED CAL free choice.
In your case I would also suggest Aller Check (to boost immune system) and Health Check (super potent antioxidant).
The above has helped many.

(referenced: www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com)