Your Horse De-Wormer as a Pet De-Wormer?

Dr. Dan,  

I have multiple cats of all ages at my farm.  I have noticed tape worms in some of their stools.  I checked your pet products and noticed that their were no wormers available. I would like to use a natural wormer that would take care of all worms.  Could I use the horse wormer for cats or do you have any other product that would work?                          

Nancy L.

Many have used our horse product… the simple way for cats is to put about a half inch or so directly onto the paw and let them lick it off. Tapes are tough and as you know fleas are part of the cycle.

As a supplement our Bug Check for pets does help some. Topically our Bug Check spray (not totally natural but as natural as possible to still have a killing effect for fleas) too. our Shoo Flea works to help repel long term topically as well and is totally natural.
All this being said I would use the Worm Check on thew paw weekly until you do not see any more segments. Thanks for asking!