Help with Seedy Toe…

3 years ago my horse grass foundered severely.  She has had a renmarkable recovery and was quite sound last summer after wew cut out anohter abcess.  She has had 3 infections since her founder due to muddy conditions and seedy toe.  I have treated them with TUCOPRIM.  She is now hAVING ANOTHER  acute infection, but her seedy toe is not he cause, it seems to have originated in the lamina going into the sole on teh side of the hoof.  Last summer I bougth asome  RED CAL, but she didn’t eat it , even though I took her other salt away. I have had her in Ukele products, vitamin and mineral for grass/hay, with hoof supplements  and also just straight methianmine and oats.  We have been without supplements for a month.  I am soaking her foot with Epsom salt and in hoof septic as well as using TUCOPRIM> for hercurrent infection. Now – back to supplements- NONe of my  7 horses ate teh RED CAL even though I hung it on a backet on post last summer. It just kept getting filled with water and bugs and catapillars, even though I kept pouring the water off like I was told to do..  I am willing ot try it agian and see if the winter months bring any  different results. 

Looking at your products, my foundered horse is part belgian, cresty neck, precushings, but is stalled now during the summer/fall so I can regulate her hAY Should I order hich mag red cal, juts add oats and hoof check?  I am already feeding gut check ewvery time I put her on TUCOPRIM> Will that give me enough selenium for Michigan or should I add more? Is this the best possible regime to rebuild her hoof walls and sole?  Her foundered foot is deformed, more narrow than the ohter.  She used to have terrific , big wide feet. 

I have grape balm , but that won’t help thrush and holes in the foot would it?  Would I mix it with water and put in a syringe to shoot in the holes if her sole? In between her infections she looks comfortable, there does not appear to be inflammation discomfort or lameness.  Please tell me how I should dtreat her for the best chance of regrowing a healthy hoof.

Thank you Pam H.

Thanks for asking, I am sure we can help…
First with regards to Red Cal there are only two reasons they won’t eat it. they are either getting to much salt or too much potassium from somewhere else that shuts the “desire” down. Too much salt can be coming from other supplements or feed. too much potassium would likely be from hay (actually from fertilizer used to grow hay). too much potassium can be deadly and is the biggest cause of laminitis. (see the article on salt and minerals in the magazine). that being said, if they don’t eat it then I suggest always adding it to the feed directly to help prevent the later potassium issue from becoming critical. I would suggest the Hi Mag version of REDCAL for your situation. 
As for the abscess, i do suspect it from the previous laminitis or whatever. many times these takes years to work out. as for the grape balm. water will not dilute it BUT there is a more liquid version available in tubes that can actually be squirted in. (once daily is enough) As for soaking, Just use the epsom salts. nothing added to the epsom salts and also my suggestion is no other supplementts or meds other than what  I suggest below.
What I suggest is oats. to the oats add Just Add Oats 2X and Weight Check oil supplements (follow directions for each on the label). I would also suggest the JOINT CHECK . It has some great anti-inflammatory ingredients and will help boost the immune system too. Of course I would add the Hoof Check (at least for now) and continue the Gut Check since all the issues for sure started in the gut anyway.
This should help. feel free to get back with me with results. sometimes amounts need to be “tweaked” but generally above will do the trick!