Eating manure…

Dr. Dan:  Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.  Horse colic two times in 6 months.   I have been feeding oats, Just Add Oats, Red Cal, your oil.  I water down alfafa hay cubes and very small amount of shredded hay.  He was use to eating free choice hay.  Now he is eating his manure.  I called the vet.  Her suggestion was he is bored. (and use a mineral block!)    In the stall and paddock is no manure left to even scoop.  I have limited access to grass.  

This is a rocky mountain horse.  Thank you for your advice.  Eileen

Definitely not a mineral block/salt block in any way shape or form. I would go back to regular hay for sure too. Be careful with dewormers/vaccines meds etc. too.

For now I would add the Gut Check at least until it gets back to normal. may need this forever and certainly wouldn’t hurt! except for the hay I can’t imagine the diet really being related though.  Perhaps more info might help??