Red eyes – the white turn inflamed- HELP!

My appy mare has been dealing with iritated eyes for about 4 years now. I put medicine from the vet in them when this occurs and it seems to help but I’m thinking this may be an allergy she also gets sever rain rot on her rump and I clear it up with jock itch spray and it works great now this year, I am dealing with all the above since late summer and she also developed this year rough scally skin around her muzzel.
Sincerely Barb S.

I am sure you know the problems with meds.. they, at least in most cases, just make the symptoms go away BUT the real problem (underlying cause)  still remains. AND many meds, holistically speaking, even make things worse over the long haul because they  for lack of a better explanation, “confuse” the bodies own method for healing.
So all that being said and based on the the skin problems too that your horse has had, we need to get rid of the negative effects of the these meds… even topical sprays can “suppress” symptoms. I would take a look at our Health Check and our Aller Check supplements. Similar ingredients in both if you look close at the labels, but totally different concentrations and for different reasons. The Heath will help detox and the Aller Check is for immune system support.

Many use our Marigold pocket healer actually in the eyes as well. The tube size works great for this. (daily). These products essentially help the body help itself rather than acting likes drugs. Topically on the skin do consider the Grape Balm wound healer should you have further issues there too.
One more thing on skin issues: An often overlooked issue is that the skin is a MAJOR organ. One of its functions is to help “discharge” whatever the body does not need. We generally forget the skin when thinking about such and think more about kidneys and bowel function but I truly have come to the understanding that most rashes (even from allergies) on the body (or in the eye) ARE an attempt to discharge. I would think that it would make sense to NOT put more “junk” in, if the body is trying to get rid of something already. The problem there is what IS the body trying to discharge??? Again Drugs, hydrogenated fats, heavy metals from vaccines etc. etc. Of course doing only what is necessary along these lines would thus be beneficial. One of the biggest culprits is hydrogenated fats from commercial feeds. Please listen to the audio on “what to feed your horse”. There is some very helpful info there on feeding and how to supplement. Thanks for asking.